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Drug Dictionary

Street Names for
Cocaine, Crack Cocaine and Heroin

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- Marijuana cigarette with heroin or opium
AIP - Heroin from Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan
Al Capone - Heroin
All-American drug - Cocaine
Angie – Cocaine
Antifreeze – Heroin
Apple Jacks - Crack Cocaine

– Heroin
Artillery – Equipment for shooting drugs
Aspirin – Powder cocaine
Atom bomb - Marijuana mixed with heroin
Aunt – Powder cocaine
Aunt Hazel - Heroin
Aunt Nora – Cocaine
B.J.'s - Crack Cocaine
Baby T - Crack Cocaine
Back to back - Smoking crack after injecting heroin or heroin used after smoking crack
Back Up – Permitting blood to back up into a syringe to ensure the needle is in a vein
Bad - Crack Cocaine
Bad bundle - Inferior quality heroin; damaged heroin
Bad seed - Marijuana combined with peyote; heroin
Badrock - Crack Cocaine
Bag - Container for drugs; a package of drugs, usually marijuana or heroin; a person's favorite drug
Bag bride - Crack-smoking prostitute
Bag Man – Person who transports money
Ball - Crack cocaine; Mexican Black Tar heroin
Balling – Vaginally implanted cocaine
Balloon - Heroin supplier; a penny balloon that contains narcotics
Ballot - Heroin
Banano - Marijuana or tobacco cigarettes laced with cocaine
Barbs – Cocaine
Bars - Heroin mixed with alprazolam
Bart Simpson - Heroin
Basa - Crack cocaine
Base - Cocaine; crack
Base crazies - Searching on hands and knees for cocaine or crack
Base head - person who bases
Baseball - Crack Cocaine
Based out - To have lost control over basing
Basing - Crack Cocaine
Basuco (Spanish) – Cocaine; coca paste residue sprinkled on regular or marijuana cigarette
Batman - Cocaine; heroin
Bazooka - Cocaine; combination of crack and marijuana; crack and tobacco combined in a joint; coca paste and marijuana
Bazulco – Cocaine
Beam - Cocaine
Beam me up Scottie - Cocaine (powder or crack) combined with PCP
Beamer - Crack smoker
Beamers - Crack cocaine
Beast - Heroin plus LSD
Beat - Crack cocaine
Beat vials - Vials containing sham crack to cheat buyers
Beautiful boulders - Crack Cocaine
Bebe - Crack Cocaine
Beemers - Crack Cocaine
Behind the scale - To weigh and sell cocaine
Beiging - Chemically altering cocaine to make it look brown, higher quality
Belushi - Combination of cocaine and heroin
Bernice – Cocaine
Bernie – Cocaine
Bernie's flakes – Cocaine
Bernie's gold dust – Cocaine
Big 8 - 1/8 kilogram crack
Big bag - Heroin
Big bloke – Cocaine
Big C – Cocaine
Big doodig – Heroin
Big flake – Cocaine
Big H – Heroin
Big Harry – Heroin
Bill Blass - Crack Cocaine
Big rush – Cocaine
Billie Hoke – Cocaine
Bin Laden - Heroin (after September 11)
Bindle - Small packet of drug powder; heroin
Bing Crosby - Cocaine Boston area
Bingers - Crack addicts
Bings - Crack Cocaine
Bipping - Snorting heroin and cocaine, either separately or together
Birdie powder - Cocaine; heroin
Biscuit - 50 rocks of crack
BJs - Crack Cocaine
Black - Heroin
Black eagle – Heroin
Black pearl – Heroin
Black rock - Crack Cocaine
Black stuff - Heroin; opium
Black tar – Heroin
Blanca (Spanish) – Cocaine
Blanco (Spanish) - Heroin plus cocaine
Blank - Container of non-narcotic powder that is sold as heroin
Blast - Cocaine; Smoke crack; Marijuana; smoke marijuana or crack
- A white cloud in a pipe used to smoke cocaine
Blotter - Crack cocaine; LSD
Blow - Cocaine; to inhale cocaine; to smoke marijuana; to inject heroin
Blow blue - To inhale cocaine
Blow coke - To inhale cocaine
Blow smoke - To inhale cocaine
Blow up - Crack cut with lidocaine to increase size, weight, and street value
Blowcaine - Crack diluted with cocaine
Blowout – Crack
Blows – Heroin
Blue - Crack Cocaine; depressants; Oxycontin
Blue bag - Heroin
Blue star – Heroin
Blunt - Marijuana, or cocaine and marijuana inside a cigar
Bobby Brown - Heroin
Bobo - Crack Cocaine
Body-packer - Individual who ingests wrapped packets of crack or cocaine to transport
Body-stuffer - Individual who ingests crack vials to avoid prosecution
Bolivian Marching Powder – Cocaine
Bollo – Crack cocaine
Bolo - Crack cocaine
Bomb - Crack; heroin; large marijuana cigarette; high potency heroin
Bomb squad - Name of crack-selling crew
Bombido - Heroin; injectable amphetamine; depressants
Bombita (Spanish) - Heroin plus amphetamine; depressants; mixture of heroin and cocaine
Bombs away – Heroin
Bone - Marijuana; $50 piece of crack; high purity heroin
Bone crusher - Crack Cocaine
Bones - Crack Cocaine
Bonita (Spanish) - Heroin plus amphetamine; depressants
Booger Sugar - Cocaine
Boost - Crack Cocaine; to steal; to inject a drug
Booster - To inhale cocaine
Booth - Cocaine
Bopper - Crack Cocaine
Botray - Crack Cocaine
Bottles - Crack vials; amphetamine
Boubou - Crack Cocaine
Boulder - Crack Cocaine; $20 worth of crack
Boulya - Crack Cocaine
Bouncing powder – Cocaine
Boy - Cocaine; heroin
Boy-girl - Heroin mixed with cocaine
Bozo – Heroin
Brain damage – Heroin
Brea (Spanish) – Heroin
Break night - Staying up all night on a cocaine binge until daybreak
Breakdown - $40 of crack cocaine that can be broken down into $20 packages
Brick - Crack Cocaine; cocaine; marijuana; 1 kilogram of marijuana
Brick gum – Heroin
Broja – Heroin
Brown - Marijuana; heroin; methamphetamine
Brown crystal – Heroin
Brown Rhine – Heroin
Brown sugar – Heroin
Brown tape – Heroin
Bubble gum - Cocaine; crack cocaine; marijuana from Tennessee
Buda - Marijuana; a high-grade marijuana joint filled with crack
Buffer - A woman who performs oral sex in exchange for crack; crack smoker
Bull dog - Heroin
Bullia capital - Crack; fake crack
Bullion - Crack Cocaine
Bump - Crack; fake crack; cocaine; boost a high; hit of ketamine ($20)
Bump up - Use of cocaine to bolster MDMA (methylenedioxymethamphetamine)
Bumper - Crack cocaine
Bumping up - Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) combined with powder cocaine
Bundle - Heroin
Bunk - Fake cocaine; Crack Cocaine
Burese - Cocaine
Burnese - Cocaine
Bush - Marijuana; cocaine; PCP
Butler - Crack Cocaine
Butter - Marijuana; crack
Butu – Heroin
C – Cocaine
C & M - Cocaine and morphine
C joint - Place where cocaine is sold
Caballo (Spanish) – Heroin
Cabello (Spanish) – Cocaine
Caca – Heroin
Cadillac - Cocaine; PCP
Caine - Cocaine; Crack Cocaine
Cakes - Round discs of crack
Calbo (Spanish) – Heroin
California cornflakes – Cocaine
Came – Cocaine
Canade - Heroin/marijuana combination
Candy - Cocaine; Crack Cocaine; amphetamine; depressants
Candy C – Cocaine
Candy flipping on a string - Combining or sequencing LSD with MDMA; mixing LSD, MDMA, and cocaine
Candy sticks - Marijuana cigarettes laced with powdered cocaine
Candy sugar - Powder cocaine
Cap - Crack Cocaine; LSD; a capsule of a drug
Capital H – Heroin
Caps - Heroin; psilocybin/psilocin; crack; Gamma Hydroxybutyrate (GHB)
Capsula (Spanish) - Crack Cocaine
Carburetor - Crack stem attachment
Carga (Spanish) – Heroin
Carne (Spanish) – Heroin
Carnie – Cocaine
Carpet patrol - Crack smokers searching the floor for crack
Carrie – Cocaine
Carrie Nation – Cocaine
Casper - Crack Cocaine
Casper the ghost - Crack Cocaine
Caviar - Combination of cocaine and marijuana; Crack Cocaine
CDs - Crack Cocaine
C-dust - Cocaine
Cecil – Cocaine
C-game – Cocaine
Chabbie – Cocaine
Chalk - Crack cocaine; amphetamine; methamphetamine
Chalked up - Under the influence of cocaine
Chalking - Chemically altering the color of cocaine so it looks white
Champagne - Combination of cocaine and marijuana
Channel swimmer - One who injects heroin
Chapopote (Spanish) – Heroin
Charlie – Cocaine
Charley – Heroin
Chase - To smoke cocaine; to smoke marijuana
Chaser - Compulsive crack user
Chasing the dragon - Crack mixed with heroin; a particular way of inhaling heroin
Chasing the tiger - To smoke heroin
Chatarra (Spanish) – Heroin
Cheap basing – Crack
Cheeba– Heroin
Cheese - Heroin; mix of ground-up cold medicine and a small amount of heroin, also black tar heroin combined with diphenhydramine
Chemical – Crack Cocaine
Chewies – Crack Cocaine
Chiba – Heroin
Chicken Feed – Cocaine
Chicken scratch – Searching on hands and knees for crack or cocaine
Chicle (Spanish) – Heroin
Chieva – Heroin
China cat
– Heroin
China white - Heroin plus fentanyl; synthetic heroin
Chinese red – Heroin
Chinese Sky Candy – Cocaine
Ching - Cocaine, resembling a cash-register, because of how expensive cocaine is
Chip – Heroin
Chipper - Occasional user; occasional heroin user; occasional Hispanic user
Chiva/chieva (Spanish) – Heroin
Choco-fan – Heroin
Chocolate Chip cookies - MDMA combined with heroin or methadone
Chocolate ecstasy - Crack made brown by adding chocolate milk during production
Chocolate rock - Crack smoked together with heroin
Choe - Cocaine
Cholly - Cocaine

Chronic - Marijuana; marijuana mixed with crack
Chucks - Hunger following withdrawal from heroin
Cigamos - Combination of crack cocaine and tobacco
Cigarette paper - Packet of heroin
Clicker - Crack mixed with PCP; marijuana dipped in formaldehyde and smoked
Climax - Crack; heroin; isobutyl nitrite; inhalants
Clocker - Entry level crack dealers who sell drugs 24 hours a day
Closet baser - User of crack who prefers anonymity
Cloud - Crack Cocaine
Cloud nine - Crack cocaine; methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA)
Cluck - Crack smoker
Co-ca-ee-na –Cocaine (phonetic)
Coca - Cocaine
Cocaine blues - Depression after extended cocaine use
Cocktail - Combination of crack and marijuana; cigarette laced with cocaine or crack; partially smoked marijuana cigarette inserted in regular cigarette; to smoke cocaine in a cigarette
Coco rocks - Dark brown crack made by adding chocolate pudding during production
Coco snow - Benzocaine used as cutting agent for crack
Cocoa puff - To smoke cocaine and marijuana
Cocofan (Spanish) - Brown Tar Heroin
Coconut - Cocaine
Coke - Cocaine; Crack Cocaine
Coke bar - A bar where cocaine is openly used
Coke broke - Financially incapacitated from supporting a cocaine habit
Cola - Cocaine
Columbian Dancing Dust - Cocaine
Columbian Foot Soldiers - Cocaine
Combol - Cocaine
Comeback - Benzocaine and mannitol used to adulterate cocaine for conversion to crack
Connie - Powder cocaine
Cook - Drug manufacturer; mix heroin with water; heating heroin to prepare it for injection
Cook down - Process in which users liquefy heroin in order to inhale it
Cooker – Usually a spoon or bottle cap used to head drugs for injection
Cookies - Crack Cocaine
Cooking up - To process powdered cocaine into crack
Coolie - Cigarette laced with cocaine
Cork the air - To inhale cocaine
Corrine - Cocaine
Cotics - Heroin
Cotton brothers - Cocaine, heroin and morphine
Courage pills - Heroin; depressants
Crack - Cocaine
Crack attack - Craving for crack
Crack back - Marijuana and crack
Crack bash - Combination of crack cocaine and marijuana
Crack cooler - Crack soaked in wine cooler
Crack gallery - Place where crack is bought and sold
Crack house - Place where crack is used
Crack spot - Area where people can purchase crack; place where crack is sold, but not used
Cracker Jack - Crack smoker
Crank - Crack Cocaine; heroin; amphetamine; methamphetamine; methcathinone
Crap - Low quality heroin
Credit card - Crack stem
Crib - Crack Cocaine
Crimmie - Cigarette laced with crack
Crisscrossing - The practice of setting up a line of cocaine next to a line of heroin. The user places a straw in each nostril and snorts about half of each line. Then the straws are crossed and the remaining lines are snorted
Croak - Cocaine mixed with methamphetamine; methamphetamine
Crop - Low quality heroin
Crown crap - Heroin
Crumbs - Tiny pieces of crack
Crunch & Munch - Crack Cocaine
Crystal - Cocaine; amphetamine; methamphetamine; PCP
Cubes - Marijuana tablets; crack cocaine
Cuch - Cocaine
Cura (Spanish) - Heroin
Cut-deck - Heroin mixed with powdered milk
Dama Blanca (Spanish) - Cocaine
Dead on arrival
- Heroin
Dead president
- Heroin
- 1 to 15 grams of heroin, also known as a bag; packet of drugs
- Crack stem; sample-size quantity of crack
- Crack
- Heroin; $2 worth of drugs
Devil drug
- Crack Cocaine
Devil's dandruff
- Crack cocaine; powder cocaine
Devil's dick
- Crack pipe
Devil smoke
- Crack Cocaine
Diablito (Spanish) -
Combination of crack cocaine and marijuana in a joint
- Crack Cocaine
– Heroin, common in New York
- Crack Cocaine; $10 worth of crack
Dime Bag
- $10 worth of a narcotic
Dime special
- Crack Cocaine
Dama Blanca (Spanish) -
Dead on arrival
- Heroin
Dead president
- Heroin
- 1 to 15 grams of heroin, also known as a bag; packet of drugs
- Crack stem; sample-size quantity of crack
- Crack
- Heroin; $2 worth of drugs
Devil drug
- Crack Cocaine
Devil's dandruff
- Crack cocaine; powder cocaine
Devil's dick
- Crack pipe
Devil smoke
- Crack Cocaine
Diablito (Spanish) -
Combination of crack cocaine and marijuana in a joint
- Crack Cocaine
l – Heroin, common in New York
- Crack Cocaine; $10 worth of crack
Dime Bag
- $10 worth of a narcotic
Dime special
- Crack Cocaine
Dime's worth
- Amount of heroin to cause death
Dinosaurs - Populations of heroin users in their forties and fifties
Dip - Crack Cocaine
Dipping out - Crack runners taking a portion of crack from vials
Dirt - Heroin
- Marijuana cigarettes with powder cocaine added to them

Dirty basing
- Crack Cocaine
Dirty joints
- Combination of crack cocaine and marijuana
Divits - Cocaine
Do a line - To inhale cocaine
DOA - Crack; heroin; PCP
Dog food - Heroin
Dogie - Heroin
Doogie/doojee/dugie - Heroin
Dookie Rocks - Heroin
Dooley - Heroin
Doosey - Heroin
Dope - Marijuana; heroin; any other drug; Heroin in Philadelphia
Dope fiend - A person who is drug dependent; crack addict
Doub - $20 rock of crack
Double breasted dealing - Dealing cocaine and heroin together
Double bubble - Cocaine
Double rock - Crack diluted in procaine
Double up - When a crack dealer delivers an extra rock as a marketing ploy to attract customers
Double ups - A $20 rock that can be broken into two $20 rocks
Double yoke - Crack Cocaine
Dove - $35 piece of crack
Dr. Feelgood - Heroin
Draf - Marijuana; ecstasy, with cocaine
Dragon - When smoked, the thick smoke of heroin is said to resemble the tail of a dragon (Hence: Chasing the Dragon)
Dragon rock - Mixture of heroin and crack
Dream - Cocaine
Dreck - Heroin
Dub - When a crack dealer delivers an extra rock as a marketing ploy to attract customers
Duct - Cocaine
Duji - Heroin
Dujra - Heroin
Dujre - Heroin
Dust - Marijuana mixed with various chemicals; cocaine; heroin; PCP; narcotics in powder form
Dusting - Adding PCP, heroin, or another drug to marijuana; using inhalants
Dynamite - Cocaine mixed with heroin
Dyno - Heroin
Dyno-pure – Heroin
Eastside player - Crack Cocaine
Egg - Crack Cocaine
Eight ball - Crack mixed with heroin
Eighth - Heroin
El diablito (Spanish) - Cocaine, marijuana, heroin and PC
El  diablo (Spanish) -  Cocaine, marijuana and heroin

El Perico ("parrot")
- Cocaine
Electric Kool-Aid - Crack cocaine
Esnortiar (Spanish) - Cocaine
Estuffa - Heroin
Ever clear - Cocaine; gamma hydroxybutyrate (GHB)
Eye opener - Crack; amphetamine
Famous dimes - Crack Cocaine
Fast white lady - Powder cocaine
Fat bags - Crack Cocaine
Feenin - Behavior associated with a person craving cocaine or other addictive substances when they are unavailable
Ferry dust - Heroin
Fifty-one - Crack; crack sprinkled on tobacco
Fire - Crack and methamphetamine; to inject a drug
Fish scales - Crack Cocaine
Five-way - Combines snorting of heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, ground up flunitrazepam pills, and drinking alcohol
Fix - Heroin
Flake - Cocaine
Flame Cooking - Smoking cocaine base by putting the pipe over a stove flame
Flamethrowers - Cigarette laced with cocaine and heroin; heroin, cocaine and tobacco
Flash - LSD; the rush of cocaine injection
Flat chunks - Crack cut with benzocaine
Flave - Powder cocain
Flea powder - Low purity heroin

Fleece -
Counterfeit crack cocaine
- Fake crack (rock cocaine)
Florida snow
- Cocaine
Foil - Heroin
Foo - Cocaine
Foo-Foo stuff - Heroin; cocaine
Foo-Foo dust - Cocaine
Foolish powder - Cocaine; heroin
Freebase - To smoke cocaine; Crack Cocaine
Freebasing - Smoking crack cocaine
Freeze - Cocaine; renege on a drug deal
French fries - Crack Cocaine
Fries - Crack Cocaine
Frisco special - Cocaine, heroin, and LSD
Frisco speedball - Cocaine, heroin, and a dash of LSD
Friskie powder - Cocaine
Frontloading - The process of transferring a drug solution from one syringe to another
Fry - Marijuana cigarettes dipped in embalming fluid, sometimes also laced with PCP; Crack Cocaine
Fry daddy - Crack and marijuana; cigarette laced with crack; marijuana joint laced with crack
Furra – Heroin
Gaffel - Fake cocaine
Galloping horse - Heroin
Gallup - Heroin
Gamot - Heroin
Gank - Fake crack
Garbage - Inferior quality marijuana; low quality heroin
Garbage heads - Users who buy crack from street dealers instead of cooking it themselves
Garbage rock - Crack Cocaine
Gato (Spanish) - Heroin
Gear - Heroin
Geek - Crack mixed with marijuana
Geeker - Crack users
Geek-joints - Cigarettes or cigars filled with tobacco and crack; a marijuana cigarette laced with crack or powdered cocaine
Geeze - To inhale cocaine
George - Heroin
George smack - Heroin
Get off houses - Private places heroin users can purchase & use heroin for a fee
Getting snotty - Using heroin
Ghost busting - Smoking cocaine; searching for white particles in the belief that they are crack
Gick monster - Crack smoker
Gift-of-the-sun - Cocaine
Gift-of-the-sun-god - Cocaine
Gimmie - Crack and marijuana; marijuana joint laced with crack
Gin – Cocaine
Girl - Cocaine; Crack Cocaine; heroin
Girlfriend - Cocaine

Give wings - Inject someone or teach someone to inject heroin
Glacines - Heroin
Glad stuff - Cocaine
Glass - Heroin; amphetamine; hypodermic needle; methamphetamine
Glo - Crack Cocaine
Go on a sleigh ride - Inhale cocaine
Goat - Heroin
Gold - Marijuana; Crack Cocaine; heroin
Gold dust - Cocaine
Golden brown – Heroin, from its color
Golden girl - Heroin
Golf ball - Crack Cocaine
Golpe - Heroin
Goma (Spanish) - Black tar heroin plus opium
Gone, Shot to the curb - Lost everything to crack
Good - PCP; heroin
Good and plenty - Heroin
Good H - Heroin
Good Horse - Heroin
Goofball - Crack Cocaine
Goop - Heroin
Gravel - Crack Cocaine
Gravy - Heroin; to inject a drug
Greek - Combination of marijuana and powder cocaine
Gremmies - Combination of cocaine and marijuana
Grit - Crack Cocaine
Groceries - Crack Cocaine
G-rock - One gram rock cocaine
Gun Powder - Heroin
H - Heroin
H–Bomb -  Ecstasy (MDMA) mixed with heroin
H & C - Heroin and cocaine
H Caps - Heroin
Hache - Heroin
Hail - Crack Cocaine
Hairy - Heroin
Half a football field - 50 rocks of crack
Half load - 15 bags (decks) of heroin
Half piece - 1/2 ounce of heroin or cocaine
Half track - Crack Cocaine
Hamburger helper - Crack Cocaine
Hamburger(s) -- Cocaine, from Cheech & Chong's "Nice Dreams"
Handlebars - Combination of crack cocaine and alprazolam
Hand-to-hand man - Transient dealers who carry small amounts of crack
Happy dust - Cocaine
Happy powder - Cocaine
Happy trails - Cocaine
Hard - Crack Cocaine
Hard ball - Crack Cocaine
Hard candy - Heroin
Hard line - Crack Cocaine
Hard rock - Crack Cocaine
Hard stuff - Heroin; opium
Harry - Heroin
Have a dust - Cocaine
Haven dust - Cocaine
Hayron - Heroin
Hazel - Heroin
Heaven - Cocaine; heroin
Heaven dust - Cocaine; heroin
Helen - Heroin
Hell - Crack Cocaine
Hell dust - Heroin
Henpecking - Searching on hands and knees for crack
Henry - Heroin
Henry VIII - Cocaine
Her - Cocaine
Hera - Heroin
Hero - Heroin
Hero of the underworld - Heroin
Heroina (Spanish) - Heroin
Herone - Heroin

- Heroin mixed with cocaine
- Heroin
High beams
- The wide eyes of a person on crack
Him - Heroin
Hit - To smoke marijuana; marijuana cigarette; Crack Cocaine
Hitch up the reindeers - To inhale cocaine
Hitters - People who inject others who have a hard time to find veins in exchange for drugs
Hocus Pocus - Cocaine
Holy terror - Heroin
Hombre (Spanish) - Heroin
Homicide - Heroin cut with scopolamine or strychnine
Hong-yen - Heroin in pill form
Hooter - Cocaine; marijuana
Hop – Heroin
Horn - To inhale cocaine; Crack pipe; to inhale a drug
Horning - To inhale cocaine; heroin
Horse - Heroin
Horse bite - Heroin
Hospital heroin - Diluadid
Hot dope - Heroin
Hot heroin - Heroin poisoned to give to a police informant
Hotcakes - Crack Cocaine
House fee - Money paid to enter a crack house
House piece - Crack given to the owner of a crack house or apartment where crack users congregate
How do you like me now? - Crack Cocaine
HRN - Heroin
Hubba - Crack Cocaine
Hubba pigeon - Crack users looking for rocks on the floor after a police raid
Hubba, I am back - Crack Cocaine
Hubbas - Crack
Hubbas (Northern CA) - Crack; I am back
Hunter – Cocaine
Hydro - Cocaine
Hype - Heroin addict; an addict; methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA)
I am back - Crack
Ice - Cocaine; crack cocaine; smokable methamphetamine; methamphetamine; methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA); phencyclidine (PCP)
Ice cube - Crack Cocaine
Icing - Cocaine

Inca message -
Interplanetary mission
- Travel from one crack house to another to search for crack
Isda - Heroin
Issues - Crack Cocaine
Ivory Flakes - Cocaine
Jam - Cocaine; amphetamine
Jee gee - Heroin
Jejo - Cocaine
Jelly - Cocaine
Jelly beans - Crack Cocaine
Jerry Springer - Heroin
Jim Jones - Marijuana laced with cocaine and PCP
Jive - Marijuana; heroin; drugs
Jive doo jee - Heroin
Joharito - Heroin
Johnson - Crack Cocaine
Jojee - Heroin

Jolly pop
- Casual user of heroin
- Heroin
Joy - Heroin
Joy flakes - Heroin
Joy powder - Cocaine; heroin
Juice joint - Marijuana cigarette sprinkled with crack
Jum - Sealed plastic bag containing crack
Jumbos - Large vials of crack sold on the streets; marijuana mixed with crack
Junco - Heroin
Junk - Cocaine; heroin
Junkie – An opiate addict
Kabayo - Heroin
Kabuki - Crack pipe made from a plastic rum bottle and a rubber sparkplug cover
Kaka Water - Heroin
Kangaroo - Crack Cocaine
Karachi - Heroin, phenobarbital, and methaqualone
Key – Kilo, 2.2 pounds
Kibbles & Bits - Small crumbs of crack
Kilo – 2.2 pounds

- Cocaine

King's habit - Cocaine
Kissing - The exchange of plastic wrapped rocks (crack) by kissing or through mouth to mouth transfer
Kitty - Cocaine
Klingons - Crack addicts
Kokomo - Crack Cocaine
Kryptonite - Crack cocaine; marijuana
La Buena (Spanish) - Heroin
La Chiva ("goat") - Heroin
Lace - Cocaine and marijuana
Lady - Cocaine; heroin
Lady C - Cocaine
Lady Caine - Cocaine
Lady H - Heroin
Lady snow- Cocaine
Lamborghini - Crack pipe made from a plastic rum bottle and a rubber sparkplug cover
Late night - Cocaine
LBJ - Heroin plus LSD plus PCP
Leaf - Cocaine; Marijuana
Lemonade - Heroin; poor quality drugs

Line - Cocaine
Liprimo - Marijuana and crack rolled in a joint
Liquid lady - Cocaine that is dissolved in water and ingested as a nasal spray
Little bomb - Heroin; amphetamine; depressants
Little boy - Heroin
Load - 25 bags of heroin
Love - Crack Cocaine
Love affair - Cocaine
Love boat - Marijuana dipped in formaldehyde; PCP; blunts mixed with marijuana and heroin; blunts mixed with marijuana and PCP
Lucifer Left Nostril - Cocaine
Ma'a - Crack cocaine (Samoan)
Mac - Heroin
Macaroni and Cheese - $5 pack of marijuana and a dime bag of cocaine
Mama coca - Cocaine
Manteca (Spanish) - Heroin
Marching dust - Cocaine
Marching powder - Cocaine
Maserati - Crack pipe made from a plastic rum bottle and a rubber sparkplug cover
Matsakow - Heroin
Mayo - Cocaine; heroin
Merck - Cocaine
Merk - Cocaine
Meth speed ball - Methamphetamine combined with heroin
Mexican brown - Marijuana; heroin
Mexican horse - Heroin
Mexican mud - Heroin
Mexican speedballs - Crack and methamphetamine
Mighty white - A form of crack cocaine that is hard, white, and pure
Missile basing - Crack liquid and PCP
Mission - Trip out of the crack house to obtain crack
Mist - PCP; crack smoke in the bottom of a glass pipe
Mix – Cocaine; or a drug environment

Mixed jive - Crack Cocaine
- Marijuana; powder cocaine
Mobbeles - Cocaine
Mojo - Cocaine; heroin
Money talks - Heroin
Monkey - Cigarette made from cocaine paste and tobacco; drug dependency; heroin
Monos (Spanish) - Cigarette made from cocaine paste and tobacco
Monster - Cocaine
Moon rock - Crack mixed with heroin
Moonstone - When a dealer shaves a slice of methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) into a bag of heroin
Morning wake-up - First blast of crack from the pipe
Morotgara - Heroin
Mortal combat - High potency heroin
Mosquitoes - Cocaine
Movie star drug – Cocaine
Mother Pearl - Heroin
Mr. Brownstone - Heroin
Mud - Heroin plus opium
Mujer (Spanish) - Cocaine
Murder One - Heroin and cocaine
Murotugora - Heroin
Muzzle – Heroin
Nachos - Cocaine
Nanoo - Heroin
New addition - Crack Cocaine
New Jack Swing - Heroin and morphine
Nice and easy - Heroin
Nickel bag - $5 worth of drugs; heroin
Nickel deck - Heroin
Nickelonians - Crack addicts
Nieve (Spanish) - Cocaine
Nod - Effects of heroin
Noddy Brown – Heroin
Noise - Heroin

Nontoucher - Crack user who doesn't want affection during or after smoking crack
Nose - Cocaine; heroin
Nose candy - Cocaine
Nose drops - Liquefied heroin
Nose Nachos - Cocaine
Nose powder - Cocaine
Nose stuff - Cocaine
Nuggets - Crack Cocaine
Number 3 - Cocaine; heroin
Number 4 - Heroin
Number 8 - Heroin
Nurse – Heroin
Ogoy - Heroin
Oil - Heroin; PCP
Old garbage - Heroin
Old navy - Heroin
Old Steve - Heroin
On a mission - Searching for crack and/or being high on crack
On the ball - When a dealer shaves a slice of methylenedioxymethamphetamine
One and one - To inhale cocaine
One bomb - 100 rocks of crack cocaine
One on one house - Where cocaine and heroin can be purchased

One plus one sales - Selling cocaine and heroin together
One tissue box - 1 ounce of crack
One way - LSD; heroin
One-fifty-one - Crack; crack sprinkled on tobacco
Onion - 1 oz. of crack cocaine
Oolies - Marijuana cigarettes laced with crack
Orange line - Heroin
Outer limits - Crack and LSD
Oyster stew - Cocaine
Ozone – Marijuana, PCP and crack cigarette; marijuana cigarette; PCP
Pack - Marijuana; heroin
Pangonadalot - Heroin
Paper - A dosage unit of heroin; one-tenth of a gram or less of the drug ice or methamphetamine
Paper boy - Heroin peddler
Parachute - Crack and PCP smoked; heroin; smokable crack and heroin mixture
Parachute down - Use of MDMA after heroin
Paradise - Cocaine
Paradise white - Cocaine
Pariba – Powder cocaine
Parlay - Crack cocaine
Paste - Crack cocaine
Patico (Spanish) - Crack cocaine
P-dogs - Combination of cocaine and marijuana
P-dope - 20-30% pure heroin
Pearl - Cocaine
Pebbles - Crack Cocaine
Pee Wee - Crack Cocaine; $5 worth of crack
Peg – Heroin
Pepper - Heroin
Percia - Cocaine
Percio - Cocaine
Perfect High - Heroin
Perico (Spanish) - Cocaine
Perlas (Spanish) - Street dealer (heroin)
Perp - Fake crack made of candle wax and baking soda
Peruvian - Cocaine
Peruvian flake - Cocaine
Peruvian lady - Cocaine
P-funk - Crack mixed with PCP; heroin
Pianoing - Using the fingers to find lost crack
Picking - Searching on hands and knees for cocaine or crack
Piece - Cocaine; Crack Cocaine; 1 ounce
Piedra (Spanish) - Crack Cocaine
Piles - Crack Cocaine
Pimp - Cocaine
Pluto - Heroin

Poison - Heroin; fentanyl
Polo - Mixture of heroin and motion sickness drug
Polvo (Spanish) - Heroin; PCP
Polvo blanco (Spanish) - Cocaine
Pony - Crack Cocaine
Pop - To inhale cocaine; crack cocaine
Poppy - Heroin
Poro - Heroin plus PCP (phencyclidine)
Potato chips - Crack cut with benzocaine
Powder - Cocaine HCL; heroin; amphetamine
Powder diamonds - Cocaine
Power puller - Rubber piece attached to crack stem
Predator - Heroin
Premos - Marijuana joints laced with crack cocaine
Press - Cocaine; Crack Cocaine
Prime time - Crack Cocaine
Primo - Crack; marijuana mixed with cocaine; crack and heroin; heroin, cocaine and tobacco
Primo Square - A marijuana joint laced with crack
Primo turbo - Combination of crack cocaine and marijuana
Primos - Cigarette laced with cocaine and heroin
Product - Crack Cocaine
Pseudocaine - Crack cocaine cut with phenylpropanolamine
Puffer - Crack smoker
Pulborn - Heroin
Pullers - Crack users who pull at parts of their bodies excessively
Pumping - Selling crack
Pure - Heroin
Purple caps - Crack cocaine
Purple haze - LSD; crack cocaine; marijuana
Pusher – Metal hanger or umbrella rod used to scrape residue out of crack stems; one who sells drugs
Quill – Cocaine; heroin; methamphetamine
Racehorse Charlie - Cocaine; heroin
Ragweed - Inferior quality marijuana; heroin
Railers - Cocaine
Rambo - Heroin
Rane - Cocaine; heroin
Raspberry - Female who trades sex for crack or money to buy crack
Raw - Crack cocaine; high purity heroin
Raw fusion - Heroin
Raw hide - Heroin
Ready rock - Cocaine; crack cocaine; heroin
Real tops - Crack cocaine
Recompress - Change the shape of cocaine flakes to resemble "rock"
Red caps - Crack cocaine
Red chicken - Heroin
Red devil - Depressants; PCP; heroin
Red eagle - Heroin
Red rock - Heroin
Red rock opium – Heroin, barbital, strychnine, and caffeine
Red rum - Heroin, barbital, strychnine, and caffeine
Red stuff - Heroin, barbital, strychnine, and caffeine
Regular "P" - Crack Cocaine
Reindeer dust - Heroin

- Potent residue left as a result of smoking crack which is scraped and smoked

Rest in peace - Crack Cocaine
Rhine - Heroin
Rider - 5 kilograms of heroin sometimes provided at no cost per 100 kilograms of cocaine imported from Colombia
Ringer - Good hit of crack; hear bells
Roca (Spanish) - Crack Cocaine; methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA)
Rob Flaherty - Heroin
Rock attack - Crack Cocaine
Rock house - Place where crack is sold and smoked
Rock star - Female who trades sex for crack or money to buy crack; a person who uses rock cocaine
Rock(s) - Cocaine; Crack Cocaine
Rocket caps - Dome-shaped caps on crack vials
Rockette - Female who uses crack
Rocks of hell - Crack Cocaine
Rocky III - Crack Cocaine
Rooster - Crack Cocaine
Rox - Crack Cocaine
Roxanne - Cocaine; crack
Roz - Crack Cocaine
Rush - Cocaine; isobutyl nitrite; inhalants
Rush hour - Heroin
Sack - Heroin
Salt - Heroin
Sandwich - Two layers of cocaine with a layer of heroin in the middle
Scag - Heroin
Scat - Heroin
Scate - Heroin
Schmeck - Cocaine
Schoolboy - Cocaine; codeine
Schoolcraft - Crack Cocaine
Scorpion - Cocaine
Scott - Heroin
Scottie - Cocaine
Scotty - Cocaine; crack; the high from crack
Scrabble - Crack Cocaine
Scramble - Crack cocaine; low purity, adulterated heroin plus crack cocaine
Scrape and snort - To share crack by scraping off small pieces to snort
Scruples - Crack Cocaine
Second to none - Heroin
Seconds - Second inhalation of crack from a pipe
Serial speedballing -Sequencing cocaine, cough syrup, and heroin over a 1-2 day period
Serpico 21 - Cocaine
Server - Crack dealer
Seven-Up - Crack Cocaine
Sh*t - Heroin
Shabu - Combination of powder cocaine and methamphetamine; crack cocaine; methamphetamine; methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA)
Shake - Marijuana; powder cocaine
Shaker/baker/water - Materials needed to freebase cocaine: shaker bottle, baking soda, water
She – Cocaine
Shnazzle - Cocaine
Shebanging - Mixing cocaine with water and squirting it up nose
Sheet rocking - Crack and LSD
Sherman stick - Crack cocaine combined with marijuana in a blunt
Sherms - Crack Cocaine; PCP; cigars dipped in or laced with PCP
Shmeck/schmeek - Heroin
Shoot - Heroin
Shot - To inject a drug; an amount of cocaine; 10 shot or 20 shot
Shot to the curb - A person who has lost it all to crack
Showbiz Sherbert - Cocaine
Shrile - Powder cocaine
Sight ball - Crack Cocaine
Silk - Heroin
Sixty-two -2 1/2 ounces of poor quality crack
Ska - Heroin
Skag - Heroin
Skeegers/skeezers - Crack-smoking prostitute
Skeeter - Cocaine
Skid - Heroin
Skunk - Marijuana; heroin
Slab - A large piece of crack cocaine the size of a stick of chewing gum
Sleeper - Heroin; depressants
Sleeper and red devil - Heroin plus a depressant
Sleet - Crack Cocaine
Sleigh ride - Cocaine
Slime - Heroin
Smack – Heroin, from the action of smacking the arm to produce a prominent vein in which to inject the drug
Smoke - Marijuana; Crack Cocaine; heroin and crack
Smoke houses - Crack houses
Smoking gun - Heroin and cocaine
Sniff - To inhale cocaine; methcathinone; inhalants

Sniffer bag - $5 bag of heroin intended for inhalation
- To inhale cocaine; powder cocaine; use inhalant
Snotty - Heroin
Snow - Cocaine; heroin; amphetamine
Snow Angels - Cocaine
Snow bird - Cocaine user; cocaine
Snow coke - Crack Cocaine
Snow seals - Cocaine and amphetamine
Snow White - Cocaine
Snowball - Heroin and cocaine
Snow cones - Cocaine
Soap - Gamma hydroxybutyrate (GHB); crack cocaine; methamphetamine
Society high - Cocaine
Soda - Injectable cocaine
Soft - Powder cocaine
Soup - Crack cocaine
Space - Crack cocaine
Space base - Crack dipped in PCP; hollowed out cigar refilled with PCP and crack
Space cadet - Crack dipped in PCP
Space dust - Crack dipped in PCP
Space ship - Glass pipe used to smoke crack
Space ball - PCP used with crack or powder cocaine
Speed - Crack Cocaine; amphetamine; methamphetamine
Speedball - Cocaine mixed with heroin; crack and heroin smoked together; methylphenidate (Ritalin) mixed with heroin; amphetamine
Speedballing - To shoot up or smoke a mixture of cocaine and heroin; ecstasy mixed with ketamine; the simultaneous use of a stimulant with a depressant
Speedballs-nose-style - The practice of snorting cocaine
Speedboat - Marijuana, PCP, and crack combined and smoked
Spider - Heroin
Spider blue - Heroin
Spike - Heroin cut with scopolamine or strychnine; to inject a drug; needle; hypodermic needle
Splitting - Rolling marijuana and cocaine into a single joint
Spoon - 1/16 ounce of heroin; paraphernalia used to prepare heroin for injection
Sporting - To inhale cocaine
Square time Bob - Crack cocaine
Squirrel - Combination of PCP and marijuana, sprinkled with cocaine and smoked; marijuana, PCP, and crack combined and smoked; LSD
Stacks - Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) adulterated with heroin or crack
Star - Cocaine; amphetamine; methcathinone
Star Dust - Cocaine; PCP
Star-spangled powder - Cocaine
Steerer - Person who directs customers to spots for buying crack; worker who directs buyers to where drugs are sold
Stem - Cylinder used to smoke crack
Stones - Crack cocaine
Strawberry - LSD; female who trades sex for crack or money to buy crack
Studio fuel - Cocaine
Stuff - Heroin
Sugar - Cocaine; Crack cocaine; heroin; LSD
Sugar block - Crack Cocaine
Sugar boogers - Powder cocaine
Sweet dreams - Heroin
Sweet Jesus - Heroin
Sweet stuff - Cocaine; heroin
Swell up – Crack Cocaine
T - Cocaine; Marijuana
T.N.T. - Heroin; fentanyl
Talco (Spanish) - Cocaine
Tar - Crack and heroin smoked together; heroin; opium
Tar dust - Cocaine
Taste - Heroin; small sample of drugs
Taxing - Price paid to enter a crack house; charging more per vial depending on race of customer or if not a regular customer
Teardrops - Dosage units of crack packaged in the cut-off corners of plastic bags
Tecata (Spanish) - Heroin
Tecatos - Hispanic heroin addict
Teenager - Cocaine
Teeth - Cocaine; Crack Cocaine
Tension - Crack Cocaine
Thanie - Heroin
The beast - Heroin
The bomb - Heroin; fentanyl
The devil - Crack Cocaine
The five way - Heroin plus cocaine plus methamphetamine plus Rohypnol (flunitrazepam) plus alcohol
The Witch – Heroin
The White Lion - Cocaine
Thing - Cocaine; Crack Cocaine; heroin; main drug interest at the moment
Thirst monster - Crack smoker
Thirst monsters - Heavy crack smokers
Thirty-eight - Crack sprinkled on marijuana
Thunder - Heroin
Tigre (Spanish) - Heroin
Tigre Blanco (Spanish) - Heroin
Tigre Del Norte (Spanish) - Heroin
Tio - Cocaine-laced marijuana cigarette
Tissue - Crack Cocaine
Tits - Black tar heroin
TNT - Heroin plus fentanyl
Toke - To inhale cocaine; to smoke marijuana; marijuana
Tongs – Heroin
Tony’s - Cocaine, after Tony Montana from Scarface

Toot - Cocaine; to inhale cocaine
Tooter – Small, hollow tube (straw-like) to sniff cocaine
Tootsie roll - Heroin
Top drool - Heroin
Top gun - Crack Cocaine
Topo (Spanish) - Crack Cocaine
Torch cooking - Smoking cocaine base by using a propane or butane torch as a source of flame
Tornado - Crack Cocaine
Torpedo - Marijuana and crack
Toss up - Crack Cocaine; female who trades sex for crack or money to buy crack
Toss-ups - Crack Cocaine
Toucher - User of crack who wants affection before, during, or after smoking crack
Tragic magic - Crack dipped in PCP
Trails - Cocaine; LSD induced perception that moving objects leave multiple images or trails behind them
Train - Heroin
Trey - Small rock of crack cocaine
Troop - Crack Cocaine
Turbo - Marijuana and crack
Turkey - Cocaine; amphetamine
Tutti-frutti (Portuguese) - Flavored cocaine
Tweak mission - A person on a mission to find crack
Tweaker - Crack user looking for drugs on the floor after a police raid
Tweaking - Drug-induced paranoia; peaking on speed; desperately searching for crack
Tweaks - Crack Cocaine
Twenties - $20 vials or bags of crack
Twenty - $20 rock of crack
Twenty rock - Crack Cocaine
Twin towers - Heroin (after September 11)
Twinkie - Crack Cocaine
Twisters - Crack and methamphetamine
Twists - Small plastic bags of heroin secured with a twist tie
Two for Nine – Two $5 vials or bags of crack for $9
Ultimate - Crack Cocaine
Uptown - Powder cocaine

Uzi - Crack; crack pipe
Vidrio (Spanish) - Heroin
Wave - Crack Cocaine
Weightless - High on crack
Whack - Crack Cocaine; heroin and PCP; Crack/PCP mixture or marijuana laced with insecticides
White – Cocaine; Heroin; amphetamine
White ball - Crack Cocaine
White boy - Heroin; powder cocaine
White cloud - Smoke that collects in bottom of crack pipe; crack smoke
White dragon - Heroin; powder cocaine]
White dust - Cocaine
White ghost - Crack Cocaine
White girl - Cocaine; heroin
White horse - Cocaine; heroin
White junk - Heroin
White Lady - Cocaine; heroin
White mosquito - Cocaine
White nurse - Heroin
White powder - Cocaine; PCP
White stuff - Heroin
White sugar - Crack Cocaine
White tornado - Crack Cocaine
Whiz bang - Cocaine; Heroin and cocaine
Wicked - A potent brand of heroin
Wicky - Combination of powder cocaine, PCP and marijuana
Wicky stick - PCP, marijuana, and crack
Wild cat - Methcathinone mixed with cocaine
Window pane - LSD; crack cocaine
Wings - Cocaine; heroin

Witch - Cocaine; heroin
Witch hazel - Heroin
Wollie - Rocks of crack rolled into a marijuana cigarette or in a cigar
Woo blunts - Marijuana; marijuana combined with cocaine
Woola blunt - Marijuana and heroin combination
Woolah - Hollowed out cigar refilled with marijuana and crack
Woolas - Cigarettes laced with cocaine; crack sprinkled on marijuana cigarette
Woolie - Marijuana and heroin combination; marijuana and crack cocaine combination
Woolie blunt - Combination of crack cocaine and marijuana
Woolies - Marijuana and crack or PCP
Wooly blunts - Marijuana and crack or PCP
Wooties - Crack smoked in marijuana joints
Working - Selling crack
Working bags - Bags containing several small rocks of crack cocaine
Working fifty - Crack rock weighing 1/2 gram or more
Working half - Crack rock weighing 1/2 gram or more
Wrecking crew - Crack Cocaine
WTC – Heroin (after September 11)
Yahoo/yeaho - Crack Cocaine
Yak - Cocaine Southwestern colloquial
Yale - Crack Cocaine
Yam - Crack Cocaine
Yao - Powder cocaine, pronounced "yay-O"
Yay - Rock of crack cocaine

Yayoo - Crack Cocaine
Yeah-O - Crack Cocaine
Yeo - Crack Cocaine
Yeola - Marijuana and crack
Yeyo (Spanish) - Cocaine
Yimyom – Crack Cocaine
Z - 1 ounce of heroin
Zip - Cocaine
Zoomer - Individual who sells fake crack and

Zoquete (Spanish) - Heroin
Zulu - Bogus crack
151 – Crack Cocaine
24-7 – Crack Cocaine
2-for-1 sale – A marketing scheme designed to promote and increase crack sales
256 - Cocaine, "BLO" on the telephone keypad

– Marijuana and crack rolled in a joint
51 - Combination of crack cocaine with marijuana or tobacco
57 Chevy – Heroin, from the Eric Clapton song "Rock 'N' Roll Heart"

Rx & O.T.C. Drugs


Street Names:  barbs, reds, red birds, phennies, tooies, yellows, yellow jackets, candy, downers, sleeping pills, tranks


  • Amytal

  • Nembutal

  • Seconal

  • Phenobarbital


  • Atavan

  • Halcion

  • Librium

  • Valium

  • Xanax

  • Klonopin

Sleep Medications

  • Ambien (zolpidem)

  • Sonata (zaleplon)

  • Lunests (eszopicione)


Street Names: Captain Cody, Cody, schoolboy, doors and fours, loads, pancakes and syrup, M, Miss Emma, monkey, white stuff, fizzies, amidone, Apache, China girl, dance fever, friend, goodfella, jackpot, murder 8, TNT, Tango and Cash, Oxy, O.C., oxycotton, oxycet, hillbilly heroin, percs, vike, Watson-387, juice, smack, D, footballs, dillies, biscuits, blue heaven, blues, Mrs. O, octagons, stop signs,  O Bomb, demmies, pain killer


  • Emprin with Codeine
  • Florinal with Codeine
  • Robitussin A-C
  • Tylenol with Codeine


  • Roxanol
  • Duramorph


  • Methadose
  • Dolophine

Fentanyl and analogs

  • Actiq
  • Duragesic
  • Sublimaze

Oxycodone HCL

  • Tylox
  • Oxycontin
  • Percodan
  • Percocet

Hydrocodone Bitartrate Hyydromorphone

  • Vicodin
  • Lortab
  • Lorcet


  • Dilaudid


  • Opana
  • Numorphan
  • Numorphone


  • Demerol
  • meperidine hydrochloride
  • Darvon
  • Darvocet


Street names: bennies, black beauties, crosses, hearts, LA turnaround, speed, truck drivers, uppers


  • Biphetamine
  • Dexedrine
  • Adderall


  • Concerta
  • Ritalin


Street Names:  Robotripping, Robo, Triple C

Dextromethorphan (DXM)

  • Found in some cough syrups and cold medications



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