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Home Drug Test Kits

Protect your family, friends, and loved ones from addiction, by using safe, easy, and accurate home drug-testing kits. Pictured at the right are three:  Teensavers, First Check and At Home (Click on image for info)

Home drug test kits are an increasingly popular way to assist parents in monitoring their children's behavior in terms of drug use. 

They may have a deterrent effect as young people use this possibility of random home testing by their parents, to let friends know they cannot risk experimenting with drugs.

These easy-to-use kits give instant positive results, and can be confirmed by a follow-up with a lab test.

Teensavers Drug Test Kit
atHome Drug Test Kit
First Check Test Kit


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Teen Age Drug Abuse

By the 8th grade, 52% of adolescents have consumed alcohol, 41% have smoked cigarettes, and 20% have used marijuana.*

Everyday, approximately 2,500 young people between 12 and 17 years of age abuse a prescription painkiller for the first time.*

Crystal meth has become the most dangerous drug problem of small town America.*               


*Source:  National Institute on Drug Abuse



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