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Teaching them to be Drug-Free

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* * * * News Flash* * * * OHIO Senator Tom Patton's Senate Bill 101 is unanimously approved by the Ohio Senate...

To enact section 5.2266 of the Ohio Revised Code to designate the month of May as "Substance Abuse Awareness and Education Month."

Reporter Jackie Nash, The Daily Reporter (Columbus) writes:
"Sen. Tom Patton, R-Strongsville, the bill's sponsor, said he believes [SB101]would expand Ohio's substance abuse education, which is lagging.

"We always say, 'Go home and talk to your kids about drugs,' but I don't believe we can ever talk to them enough about it," Patton said. "(SB 226) is not going to solve the drug problem, but we also just can't quit trying."

 Ohio General Assembly

Journal Vote
05/17/2011 Senate - Third Consideration summary

Yeas - 29

Bacon    Beagle    Brown    Cafaro    Cates    Daniels    Faber    Gillmor
Grendell    Hite    Hughes    Jones    Jordan    Kearney    Lehner Manning   Obhof    Oelslager    Patton    Sawyer    Schaffer    Schiavoni    Seitz    Smith    Tavares    Wagoner    Widener    Wilson   Niehaus (Senate President)
Nays - 0

09/21/2011 House - Third Consideration summary                      Yeas - 96

Adams J.    Adams R.    Amstutz    Anielski    Antonio    Ashford    Baker Barnes    Beck    Blair    Blessing    Boose    Brenner    Bubp    Buchy Budish    Butler    Carey    Carney    Celeste    Clyde    Combs    Conditt Damschroder    DeGeeter    Derickson    Dovilla    Driehaus    Duffey Fedor    Fende    Foley    Gardner    Garland    Gentile    Gerberry
Gonzales    Goodwin    Goyal    Grossman    Hackett    Hagan C.   Hagan R.    Hall    Hayes    Henne    Hill    Hollington    Hottinger    Huffman    Johnson    Kozlowski    Landis    Letson    Luckie    Lundy Maag    Mallory    Martin    McClain    McGregor    McKenney Milkovich    Murray    Newbold    O'Brien    Okey    Patmon    Pelanda Peterson    Phillips    Pillich    Ramos    Roegner    Rosenberger    Ruhl Schuring    Sears    Slaby    Slesnick    Sprague    Stautberg    Stebelton Stinziano    Sykes    Szollosi    Terhar    Thompson    Uecker Wachtmann    Weddington    Williams    Winburn    Young    Yuko   Batchelder (Speaker)
Nays - 0

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